To get an idea of what an iEMS looks like, please take a tour through our iEMS mock-up.

Generic text and blank documents have been added to many of the tab pages, which should provide a feel for what can be displayed on your iEMS. The design of your iEMS will complement your company's branding whilst remaining clean, crisp and focused.

There is nothing complicated about iEMS: it aims to be engaging and accessible to everyone in your company, and your company alone. Once completed, iEMS is burnt to a DVD, CDRom or Flash Drive and delivered to you for loading onto your server or individual PCs and laptops.

Please note that whilst we have focused iEMS towards the oil and gas sector, iEMS can be used by all industries, and for all countries. The theory behind iEMS remains the same whether your company is a start-up that would like from day one to keep all environmental management system material in one place, perhaps with an aim to obtain an environmental accreditation; or whether your company is a multi-national. iEMS can assist no matter the scale.

We hope that you like what you see, and we look forward to your enquiry.

The iEMS Team

Welcome to iEMS Testdrive

Example of text that may be presented in your iEMS

This intranet Environmental Management System is a framework that will allow you to access information concerning the environmental aspects of our Company’s oil and gas exploration and production activities in the [Name] concession, [Country].

The overall aim of Our iEMS is to disseminate information and provide a simple gateway for all personnel to the environmental aspect of QHSSE.

iEMS is a framework for the Company’s Environmental Management System: iEMS aims to act as a readily accessible archiving system for environment related reports, policies, procedures and data. [OUR] iEMS will periodically be updated with the latest reports and versions of procedures, which may happen following scheduled Company’ audits.

Environmental Awareness

The objective of iEMS is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and communicate Company’s obligations to protect and manage the environment in which we operate to our staff and the companies and contractors with whom we work: Everyone associated with our operations.

Informing and making our staff and contractors aware of procedures to manage the environmental aspects of our Concession Area, as well as activities in the Company’s head-offices, is one of the foremost actions and requirements for not only the effective use of an Environmental Management System, but also for working towards environmental certifications.

In this first issue of Company’s iEMS, to ensure that all our staff members have access to environmental information, the iEMS framework presents:

  • Company’s Environmental Policy
  • National and International Legislation concerning the Environment and Natural Resources
  • An archive of all the environmental planning documents that have been prepared by Company and our contracted environmental services companies
  • An Environmental Manual presented as Environmental Policy Guidance

Getting Started

By moving your curser over the tabs above, you will find a variety of areas you can enter to find information, documents and tools relevant to environmental compliance and Company’s commitment to protect and manage the area in which the Company operates. The 20-- version of the iEMS includes documents for the period 19-- to 20--.

Company’s iEMS will be developed further to assist with ensuring that the objectives of our Environmental Policy are achieved, reviewed, revised and improved upon.

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