Who can use iEMS?

iEMS can be applied to any type and scale of business. This becomes particularly apparent when iEMS is combined with a visual, spatial data system illustrating your company’s operations and influences.

iEMS was initially developed for the oil and gas industry, which remains its focus, for the simple reason that iEMS’ developers have worked with oil and gas companies for many years, and O&G  companies often grow rapidly, generate a lot of reports and data, and need to develop their HSE systems almost overnight.

iEMS is a semi-bespoke, made-to-measure system. Whilst iEMS has to remain easy to navigate around and clutter free, iEMS are designed with the look and feel of Clients’ open-access websites. To achieve this we like to work first with a Client’s IT department to ensure that formats and styles are consistent.

iEMS and some of its ready-to-roll content can provide some off-the-shelf solutions to get the Environmental part of your HSE underway quickly.

Language is not a barrier:  Where a client provides content in the language or languages of choice the system can be developed accordingly.