Accessing iEMS

I want my staff to have access to the company’s EMS?

All too often an Environmental Management System is printed off and put on a shelf in an office or archive and is looked at infrequently.  Often the EMS may be considered only to be the responsibility and interest of the environmental department or an HSE department.  iEMS aims to involve everyone.  iEMS presents a company’s EMS documents in an engaging and interesting format that is accessible to all your staff, anywhere and at anytime.

iEMS can be presented in a number of ways.  Load your iEMS onto CD; flash-drive; a server drive; or access all or parts of your iEMS via a Cloud. iEMS can be at your fingertips at all times, not stuck on a shelf or buried in the depths of a company’s computer Server’s E, F and G drives.

Where the GSM network permits, the possibility exists to access iEMS via a smart-phone or tablet.