What is iEMS?

iEMS stands for intranet Environmental Management System.

iEMS aims to provide a framework for your company’s environmental resources; it’s research data, impact assessments, monitoring reports, policies and procedures etc. You name it, if a document has relevance to the environmental and social management of a concession / contract area, the iEMS is an ideal way of storing and presenting it.

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The simplicity of iEMS

What is an EMS?

An Environmental Management System is defined as, “The general part of management that includes the organizational structure, activity planning, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and the resources to develop, implement, carry out, and revise the environmental policy and keep it up to date.”

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Who can use iEMS?

iEMS can be applied to any type and scale of business. This becomes particularly apparent when iEMS is combined with a visual, spatial data system illustrating your company’s operations and influences.

iEMS was initially developed for the oil and gas industry, which remains its focus, for the simple reason that iEMS’ developers have worked with oil and gas companies for many years, and O&G  companies often grow rapidly, generate a lot of reports and data, and need to develop their HSE systems almost overnight.

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Accessing iEMS

I want my staff to have access to the company’s EMS?

All too often an Environmental Management System is printed off and put on a shelf in an office or archive and is looked at infrequently.  Often the EMS may be considered only to be the responsibility and interest of the environmental department or an HSE department.  iEMS aims to involve everyone.  iEMS presents a company’s EMS documents in an engaging and interesting format that is accessible to all your staff, anywhere and at anytime.

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