What is iEMS?

iEMS stands for intranet Environmental Management System.

iEMS aims to provide a framework for your company’s environmental resources; it’s research data, impact assessments, monitoring reports, policies and procedures etc. You name it, if a document has relevance to the environmental and social management of a concession / contract area, the iEMS is an ideal way of storing and presenting it.

The aims of iEMS include:

  • Removing reports from archive shelving units to be more accessible to your company staff and contractors;
  • Disseminate environmental management policies, protocols and procedures
  • Provide a simple means by which project planners and managers, as well as QAQC, can find out whether the environmental component of HSE has been completed for a new or existing project area and the activity that is proposed;
  • Prevent study repetition;
  • Ensure continuity in environmental management;
  • Shift EMS ownership and responsibility from a department or an individual to all your staff and contractors

Whilst iEMS has a format, we will design an iEMS to complement the look and appearance of your company’s website.