The simplicity of iEMS

What is an EMS?

An Environmental Management System is defined as, “The general part of management that includes the organizational structure, activity planning, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and the resources to develop, implement, carry out, and revise the environmental policy and keep it up to date.”

So, why not simply provide an out of the box environmental management system?

Every company has different requirements for its environmental management, which may be dictated by corporate policy, shareholder interests or by the legal requirements of the jurisdiction where E&P activities are being carried out.

There are generally 5 or 6 phases to implementing an EMS, but every location where an EMS is required is different.  The framework which iEMS provides follows a standard format, but no two EMS are absolutely identical.  Each iEMS developed must be custom built, or at least adapted and tweaked from a common format.

iEMS keeps EMS simple

Environmental management should be simple, which it is when the initial phases of EMS are carried out early in the management of a project area, O&G concession or other business.  iEMS can be used as a means of building up the document and procedure database you need for your company’s operations and activities.

Please surf the Test Drive to see how the iEMS may help to organize your documents and communicate your company’s environmental objectives to your staff, as well as to your auditors.